Please use this online application form if you are applying for one of the following programmes:

  • Certificate of Proficiency
  • Postgraduate Certificate of Proficiency
  • Certificate of Proficiency for International Students
For all other programmes and certificates, use our new application process here.


Before you start

Please ensure that you have access to the following:

  1. An email address
  2. The name of the programme(s) to which you wish to apply
  3. Secondary school academic history
  4. Tertiary study academic history
  5. Relevant English language certification
  6. Relevant details of your work experience
  7. IRD number (if you wish to apply for a loan)
  8. We recommend that you use IE (Internet Explorer), Firefox, and Safari browsers to complete your application


Choose from one of the following below:

  • I have not previously attended Unitec and wish to complete a new application - Click here
  • I am currently a Unitec student or have previously attended Unitec and wish to apply for a new programme
    If you know your login and password - Click here
    If you cannot remember your login and/or password please contact the ask IMS HelpDesk by email or phone 8152908.
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Incomplete applications

Prior to submitting your application, you can save it and log-in at a later date to complete it. If you save it, the incomplete application will pop up when you next log in. Incomplete applications will be removed six weeks after the start of the semester.
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